In 2006, the steering group „Kreuznacher Beirat“ and the steering group of the international evaluation project agreed the following and compulsory evaluation principles for both projects:

  • Every organisor of youth travel programmes / international youth encounters shall have easy access to a cost-effective self-evaluation tool.
  • The evaluation instrument shall only be used for quality development purposes but not as a control mechanism.
  • Everybody involved in the handling of data has to commit to total confidentiality. Anonymity will be guaranteed at all levels.
  • Data of individual organisations shall be gathered and joined.
  • Acknowledgement and analysis of data should be carried out open minded and self-critical.
  • The assessment and interpretation will include everybody, who was involved in the programme.
  • A further development of the instrument is desirable – but only if current scientific standards can be maintained.
  • Everybody, who uses the evaluation instrument, has to ensure a transparent implementation of and the compliance with all principles.

- Evaluation of international youth encounters: DFJW, DPJW, BKJ and the project „Freizeitenevaluation“;
- Evaluation of youth travel programmes: Kreuznacher Beirat and the project “Freizeitenevaluation”