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In 2007 the project „Freizeitenevaluation“ published the book “Evaluation von Freizeiten und Jugendreisen” which offers an instrument for the independent evaluation of youth travel programmes.

The  „Kreuznacher Beirat“ – a steering committee named after its conference venue Bad Kreuznach – supports the development of the nation wide project. “Kreuznacher Beirat” is a non-institutional body with representatives from various organisations within the youth travel / youth encounter sector. New members can be admitted through a majority decision of the committee. Current members include:

  • Judith Dubiski (TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences)
  • Kerstin Giebel (IJAB - International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Ilg (project manager Freizeitenevaluation; head of research)
  • Gabriele Jahn (aej - German Protestant youth association)
  • Günter Kistner [Evang. Jugendreferat Bad Kreuznach (Protestant Youth Office Bad Kreuznach)]
  • Dr. Werner Müller (Managing director of transfer e.V., Köln; committee coordination)
  • Stephanie Otto (German path finders)
  • Dennis Peinze [Managing director Bundesforum Kinder- und Jugendreisen (German Federal Forum for Child- and Youth Travel)]
  • Heike Roth (Managing director of the development project for children’s questionnaires)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Thimmel (TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences); committee chairman]
  • Thorsten Schlüter (German Protestant youth association in Westfalia)
  • Dr. Nicole Stollenwerk
  • Annegret Warth (transfer e.V., Köln; committee administrator)
  • Sascha Weimershaus [Sportjugend Berlin (Sports Union Berlin)]

Bundesweiter Berat Freizeitenevaluation

Kreuznacher Beirat, 13th February 2008 in Bad Kreuznach

History of the nation wide project „Freizeitenevaluation“: The project originates from a first study on the evaluation of youth travel programmes in 2001 [Evangelisches Jugendwerk in Württemberg (Protestant Youth Office Württemberg)]. The study was followed by a German-wide development process. The project was mainly funded through Forscher-Praktiker-Dialog Internationale Jugendarbeit  (Researcher‘s-Pracitioner ‘s Dialogue International Youth Work) and coordinated by transfer e.V.